Bitter Wonderland

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Ask a person with a sweet tooth to suck a lemon.

And he’ll complain all day without knowing that it’s going to be good for his health.


Sloppy Confidence

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If you think you’re good…

Then you should be good enough to think again!


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Give me a reason to fight for you…

And I will tackle the world if you’d allow me to.

Fair Enough

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I’m not sayin’ that I’m better than you… what I’d like to prove is that I played fair enough and I did expect that at least…

You’d do the same thing too!


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I do respect your skill. Yes… you have what it takes.

But sorry, your attitude just ruined everything. Therefore, I am not impressed.


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Our eyes… can only see as much. Do not just rely on them – that is why we have 4 other senses that we can use.

Utilize them.

Bucket of Ice-cold Water

•March 4, 2012 • Leave a Comment

i want to drink and put myself to sleep
wake up later on and no longer need to weep
of all these years… i again, shed a tear
if only this feeling… she could hear

do i deserve to hear those words?
Oh Lord… why?
was that intended to make me cry?
for me to realize that i really love her
and that she really does matter

it got me totally frozen
it feels like i wanna throw up
it’s just unfair
i’m left in disbelief
more like i was accused as a thief

i cried myself to sleep
memories left to keep
questions left unanswered
heart totally shattered

damn… why do things need to go this way?
should i stay and wait for you?
if time passes by… are you going to be there too?
i’m willing to wait patiently
but please just tell me
and i’ll leave you alone, instantly

why don’t you just tell the truth?
do you really need to tell me that?
are you testing the heck out of me?
if yes, why do you let this be?
why those words? that way? that style?
were things unclear for you?
were my intentions unclear?
or i should’ve told you that i love you?

after all these years…
i again… felt an army of tears
rolling down my face
each has its own pace
one after the other
shouting, hoping and praying that things would be better…